Payment questions

What is the booking procedure?
We need to receive the tenant information fully filled together with the exact dates the apartment is needed.If the apartment you choose is available we proceed otherwise we will suggest a different one with same characteristics.

Do you require a prepayment?
Yes we require a down payment at booking. The prepayment can be done with credit card, bank wire, paypal or western union or cash. It is related to the kind of apartment you choose and the length of the sejourn. It is necessary to reserve the apartment.

After prepayment when shall we pay the balance?
The balance payment must be done one month before arrival.

Do you offer any discount?
We do offer some discount for last minute booking.

Is a security deposit requested ?
Yes we ask for a security deposit to be paid cash at arrival.We give it back at depart totally if the apartment did not receive any damage.

What is your cancellation policy?
We never give back the prepayment. In case of cancellation less than one month before arrival nothing is usually to be given back but our agency try to find a different tenant and if we succeed we give the money back. Many of our tenants make an insurance about the sejourn in case of cancellation.

Accomodation questions

When is usual check in /check out time?
We usually make the check in till 6 pm. In case of arrival later an extra payment of euro 30,00 is requested.Same amount is requested for arrival during week end or holidays. About the check out no problem and no extra cost.

Are there any hidden cost?
No hidden cost. The apartment cost is on our WEBSITE:rent plus 12% agency fee plus 22% of agency cost for VAT tax.The only other cost is for utilities. Electricity 0,40 per KW, Gas 1,00 each cubic metre, water 0,30 per day, Internet euro 1,00 per day,telephone. We read the counters at arrival and at depart.The utilities are usually paid cash at depart.

What is included in the apartment?
The apartment is given fully equipped .Linen towels,iron,iron board. In every information sheet of the apartment it is mentioned if it is provided of TV, internet, washing machine, dishwasher.

Is daily cleaning of the apartment included into the price?
No if needed we can provide cleaning service at 10,00 euro per hour for no less than 2 hours a time.

What if something breaks or malfunction in the apartment?
If the tenant breaks something he has to pay for the damage.
If there is a malfunction due to the apartment our agency provide the necessary repair at no charge for the tenant.

Can I bring my pet?
Not usually but some of our owners accepts pets in the apartments.

What if someone else join me in the apartment?
You should notify to the agency. In any case the apartments have a certain number of sleeping and it is not permitted to exceed the number of sleeping quoted in the apartment info.

Can I change my check in date?
If there is not a previous booking it is possible but allways upon request.

Can myself or my friends see an apartment before we make a reservation.
Yes. No problem to show the apartments.

General questions

How do we get to the apartment we booked?
We can provide a car to pick you up at the airport at your charge. Some of us will be waiting front door of the building to let you in the apartment and show you around and give you the keys.

What if our flight or train is delayed?
We give the mobil number of the people on charge for the check in. It would be necessary to call about delay.

What is your minimum length of stay?
We usually do not rent for less than one week but we try to accept also shorter sejourn of no less than 4 nights .

Are there discount for longer stay?
Yes often we ask the owner to reduce the rent cost for longer sejourn.

Are your rentals from Saturday till Saturday if weekly?
No they can start any day. But please take note for arrival over week end an extra payment of euro 30,00 is requested.

Are your monthly rentals starting the 1st?
No they can start any day.

Are the picture of the apartments recent?
Yes we take care to substitute the photos in case of changements

What if check in is late?
It cost an extra of 30,00 euro and we meet the day after for the contract to be signed

It is possible to postpone the depart day?
If there are no following booking previously stated we can agreed to postpone the depart.
The amount will be pro rate.

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